Spooner Machine, Inc. is a WI Department of Natural Resources approved "Prefabricated Bridge Manufacturer."  

Construction of the Manitowish Waters Bike Trail Boardwalk


The Manitowish Waters Bike Trail Bridge in Manitowish, WI



This 140' free span bridge was completed over the winter of 2013-2014

Marathon County

Red Wing Bridge

All bridges have design requirements (length, width, site, carrying capacity). Once your bridge design requirements are set, let our outside engineers design your bridge. (P.E. Licensed in MN and WI)
Construction methods can be either beam or truss type. Materials can be mild steel or core ten.

When paint or rust protection is not required, beam construction works well. Onsite erection allows a beam construction bridge to be cost-effective for a group project.
Truss type construction uses design advantage to reduce overall cost by reducing weight. Structural members made from core ten materials allow for a bridge to go unpainted for years.

Piling choices vary from site to site, depending on soil conditions, reach needed, cost, and environmental concerns. Pilings available are H, helical, and wooden. All pilings create load through friction generated from driving pile into the ground. Typical applications or cost/benefit for each type of pile:

H piling can be driven deeper, and require more soil control because of support equipment needed during installation. It is typically more expensive.

Helical pile typically is less expensive and less intrusive to soil than H pile.

Wooden pile is driven similar to H piles (soil stabilization is necessary). Size of pile and wood characteristics create comparatively more surface contact, reducing the depth that the wooden piles need to be driven.

 Minong, WI


Hay Creek Beam Bridge 186' span - H Piles

Things to consider prior to starting your bridge project:
  • Have the necessary permits been secured?
  • What is the bridge budget?
  • Have bridge site and approaches been considered?
  • What is the minimum clearance over span?
  • Do I need abutments?
  • What proper environmental action needs to be taken?
  • What season is best to build it?
  • Should a core sample be taken?
   Hay Creek Bridge

Helical pilings being installed   Completed project-seeded and mulched
                         Merrill, WI

Celebrating the January 8, 2011 Grand Opening
of the Red Wing River View Riders 120' bridge in Red Wing, MN